Louie Armstrong
    By the mid-1920s, jazz was being played in dance halls, roadhouses and speakeasies (illegal bars) all over the country. Early jazz writers and players found their influences in the music used by marching and dance bands of the time, which was the most popular music from about 1910 to 1919. 
    Louis Armstorng, one of the greatest jazz players of all time, was born in one of the poorest sections of New Orleans. He got his first real horn at age seven, a cornet, this led to his love of music and his inspiration to write and play jazz.  When he was 11 the juvenile court sent him to Jones Home for Colored Waifs for firing a pistol on New Year's Eve. At his school he was a prodigy in music. His music teacher told him he should really consider music as a career even though he was only 13. This was one of his inspirations to get into jazz and music.
   Duke Ellington was born in the center of Washington D.C. in 1899. He was an amazing jazz player and composer who played the piano flawlessly. His first performance was in New York City in 1923 and from the first note he was a huge hit. After his great concert, he moved into New York, playing in many Broadway night clubs and speakeasies. He led his band for more then half a century, composing and playing thousands of his music pieces along the way. He is still remembered today as a great composer and piano player.
   Jazz was a big part of the 1920s and a lot of people fell in love with it. Everyone listened to it and it was being played everywhere imaginable. Jazz was truly the 1920s music.